Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Second letter to the CMC

Re: MI-06-2277

Dear Sirs/Mesames,

I am appalled at the attitude of the police officers investigating the above matter.

You will recall that I handed in a dropped ID card that I found in my car after the car had been stolen and later found. I handed the card into Dutton Pk station with the expectation that the identfication of the thief/accomplice would enable apprehension of the offenders and recovery of my possessions stolen from the car.

Nothing happened of course. I get the impression that there is an unofficial policy not to investigate car theft. The officer to whom I handed the ID card seemed most uninterested and so does the sergeant now handling the investigation of my complaint at Dutton Pk. He now has informed me:

1). That he has identified and interviewed the female officer who received the card from me.

2). That the card has been lost

He says that he may be able to trace the card owner via computer records but holds out little hope. He also says that if the card owner can be identified he will "send someone to speak to her". What good is that? Such a visit would simply tip off the card owner and might lead to any of my belongings still held being disposed of.

At the very least a search should be mounted of the card owner's premises but the sergeant clearly had no intention of organizing that and resisted my suggestion that he do so.

I request that the female officer who received the card be dismissed for negligence and that a more competent officer be assigned to investigate the matter further.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr) JOHN RAY (M.A.; Ph.D.)