Saturday, December 8, 2007

2007 letter to Hon Judy Spence MP, Minister for Police, Qld

Re: Claim for compensation for police negligence

Dear Ms Spence,

I refer to the theft of my car in June of last year. There has been an extensive correspondence between me and your office and between me and the police over this matter. I enclose a copy of one of the earlier letters as an aide memoire.

The upshot is that I was able to provide an ID card for one of the thieves but the police lost it -- thus preventing what should have been a fruitful investigation of the cime.

Had the matter been promptly and energetically pursued I would have had a good chance of recovering some valued personal possessions that were stolen from the car -- including a genuine Panama hat and a black jacket that were given to me as gifts. I estimate that the minimum replacement value of the items lost is $500 and I apply to you for that sum as compensation for the police negligence in the matter.

Yours faithfully,