Sunday, September 9, 2007

Letter to Supt. R.J. Cooper, QLD Police, Upper Mt Gravatt

Re: Your ref: MS06/17577 ESC 2006/01577

Dear Supt. Cooper,

Thank you for your letter of 6th. inst.

I have already heard via phone from one of your investigators and found his attitude most unsatisfactory. He was concerned to investigate and discipline the female police officer concerned only.

As I have already pointed out, my principal concern is the recovery of my belongings so I had expected to hear some interest in commencing investigations designed to apprehend the thieves. Since I provided an ID card for one of the thieves, I would have thought that not to be beyond the capacities of even the Qld police.

Please show some interest in doing your primary job.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr.) JOHN RAY (M.A. Ph.D.)

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