Thursday, July 30, 2009

A small bouquet for the wallopers

There are a lot of goons and drongoes in the Queensland police "service" but there are some decent people too

Tonight I was pulled up for a breath test and the lady cop with the test kit took one look at me, smiled, said "I think you're OK", and waved me through without testing.

I was stone cold sober, neatly dressed and had Anne with me so I suppose we just looked like an elderly couple out for the night -- which we were. So the lady cop got it right and behaved to a higher standard than duty required. I congratulate her.

A couple of months ago another lady cop stopped and helped me change a tyre, as I was in fact having a spot of bother with it. And she was most pleasant too.

If only all police were of that quality!

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Anonymous said...

... amazing isnt it, after ploughing through the volumes of revolting cases of police misconduct, someone pipes up with a granny story about a nice cop who does a good turn, & ahh, we sigh & think, so many good people cast in a bad light because of the few... Wake up, this is the kind of propaganda that has kept the Qld police afloat for so long. Any organisation as broken down & decrepit in its conduct should be disbanded & replaced, top to bottom. How many 3 legged dog stories does it take to excuse blatant & repetitive betrayal of public trust by this rotten institution? Every time we sigh to one of these trite examples, another dozen appalling cases of abuse are exonerated.