Monday, November 9, 2009

Outrage over handling of Queensland police bullying claim

THE son of a missing Queensland policeman has accused the state's top cop of lacking professionalism in dealing with allegations his father was bullied by high-ranking officers.

In an open letter to Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson, Steven Isles claims concerns over the treatment of his father Senior Sergeant Mick Isles have been dismissed without an open and transparent investigation.

Sen Sgt Isles, the officer in charge of Ayr Police Station, south of Townsville, has been missing since September 23 despite exhaustive search operations involving police, army and SES personnel.

His disappearance came just days after he returned to work following 13 months of sick leave, which was prompted by allegations of misconduct for which he was fully exonerated.

The Isles family claim his disappearance and the lengthy investigation which preceded it were the result of bullying and victimisation by high-ranking officers and has called for an inquiry into the internal culture of the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

However, Mr Isles says his allegations have been ignored, pointing to media comments by the commissioner last month.

"I just don't believe he was the subject of bullying – I know the people involved and I just don't believe that that was so," Mr Atkinson told the Nine Network on October 13.

Mr Isles insists Mr Atkinson should have maintained a neutral position on the matter and allowed the claims to be independently investigated.

"Where is a person's right to raise grievance and an individual's expectation they ought be dealt with professionally and impartially?" he asked in the letter.

"In my opinion, remaining impartial and without bias as the CEO of the QPS would be the most professional course of action," he wrote.


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