Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A rotten barrel

It's not just a few bad apples in the barrel. As far as one can tell, the whole barrel is rotten. We have lately been hearing of the scum on the Gold Coast. Now today we hear of scum on the Sunshine Coast

POLICE on the Sunshine Coast are consuming seized liquor, accepting free drinks and using their identification to avoid cover charges at nightclubs while off duty, the Crime and Misconduct Commission has been told.

At least one police officer has blown the whistle on the drink rorts, claiming alcohol confiscated, mainly from people under-age or caught boozing in a public place, was either consumed at the station, taken home or sold in the social club.

It is alleged Kawana Police Station even has a second fridge specifically for seized liquor.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said yesterday the allegations, which included police vehicles being used to give off-duty officers a lift home from licensed premises and a free bar tab for members of the Mooloolaba Police Beat at the Wharf Hotel, were under investigation and some already had been acted upon.

"For example, one off-duty officer being provided transport by officers on duty . . . is the subject of current disciplinary proceedings," she said. The spokeswoman added that allegations relating to an officer not appropriately dealing with seized alcohol were the subject of a "disciplinary investigation".

"The QPS is a large organisation with over 14,000 employees . . . about 2500 complaints are made against members of the QPS each year."

The CMC is investigating allegations police are getting too close to the Gold Coast club scene, including involvement in the drug scene and bikie gangs. But it refused to say whether the investigation would be extended to the Sunshine Coast because it had asked for more information to be provided.

The Courier-Mail revealed last week off-duty officers were getting free nightclub entry, free drinks and even lap dances at some Gold Coast clubs.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said at the time that some officers may have been corrupted by the Gold Coast's "Las Vegas lifestyle" and admonished any who were accepting free drinks.

Mooloolaba Wharf Hotel manager Martin Turner did not return phone calls yesterday.


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