Friday, March 26, 2010

Charming Queensland police footballers again

The obscene "riot" by a similar group in a Toowoomba hotel in 1989 was never energetically investigated. Nine officers were charged but none convicted. So this will probably fade rapidly way also.

Note that a SERT officer is involved again. That seems to be a really weird group. Running around the streets naked was their most recent caper before this. SERT should probably be disbanded and the personnel put into desk jobs. There are certainly plenty of desk jobs in the Qld. police

THE future of police rugby league carnivals is in doubt after an embarrassing incident involving drunken officers in Kingaroy this week.

Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson is understood to be furious about the conduct of the officers and considering cancelling future carnivals.

Internal investigations are underway into the incident involving a police liaison officer from Rockhampton and a Cairns' State Emergency Response Team officer outside a fast food outlet.

The behaviour of the SERT officer who allegedly performed an obscene act on the drunk PLO was caught on CCTV footage outside the McDonald's Restaurant in Haly Street.

Other officers were seen applauding his behaviour.

The PLO was later arrested and charged with drunkenness.

Commissioner Atkinson is expected to release more details of the investigation later this morning.



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Ryan said...

SERT disbanded? The operators who made the mistake will be dealt with accordingly however, why should all SERT operators be punished? You obviously have no idea about the role that these operators play. Highly trained and motivated they provide a specialist service that takes years of training and alot of money. What would then happen to our response to a counter terrorist incident? You sound like a disgruntled old man who has been mistreated unfortunately at some stage of their life by a police officer. Channel your energies elsewhere. This page is biased and takes an uneducated viewpoint.