Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Official lethargy in dealing with police misbehaviour

This would have been covered up completely but there were too many witnesses

It has taken 175 days for police to charge four of their own officers over a public nuisance offence. Six months after a post buck's party alleged nude romp, the case of four highly trained specialist police has finally been brought to action. But the naked cop scandal isn't over yet – a fifth officer is still waiting disciplinary action.

The Special Emergency Response Team officers were allegedly involved in a series of nude dashes through Brisbane's suburbs, around an unmarked police van when it stopped at traffic lights. The charges come after the specialist officers – who cost an extra $50,000 to train – have languished in office jobs since being stood down from operational police work following the incident.

In a statement, police announced tonight that four of the five men allegedly involved in the romp had been issued with notices to appear in Cleveland Magistrates Court after they provided a statutory declaration of their involvement in the off-duty incident. A police spokeswoman confirmed investigations into the fifth officer's involvement were still ongoing.

Opposition police spokesman Vaughn Johnson slammed the QPS for taking "absolutely too long" with its "turtle-paced" investigation. "These men should have been put back on duty straight away because they are of great value to the QPS," Mr Johnson said. "To have them sitting in an office has been a waste. "These are policing professionals who should have been told not to do it again and get back to work."

The post-bucks party shenanigans allegedly happened late Sunday, September 20 last year, following a boozy buck's cruise on Moreton Bay. The van was allegedly driven by an on-duty officer as a "blue light taxi", to pick up boozed mates and ferry them back to the Oxley Police Academy. Police said tonight all five officers embroiled in the scandal still faced QPS disciplinary process, and would continue to be stood down from duty until the court process was finalised.

The officers will appear in court on March 30.



Anonymous said...

how do u do?

warramunga said...

These highly trained Police Officers put their life on the line every time that they report for duty.
So they got a little drunk and made a mistake.
Are you telling me that you have never done some thing silly when you were a young bloke.
These Officers were wasted on desk duties. Wake up Queensland Police.