Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cop protects violent thug

He was either grossly negligent or "bought". Given the record of the Qld. wallopers both are quite likely

An arrest warrant has been issued for a tow company worker and a police officer has been disciplined after an alleged assault on a businessman in a Browns Plains carpark.

The development is the latest in a string of assault claims to emerge against employees of We Tow U and associated companies. The company has come under fire in the past week for carrying out allegedly predatory practices in shopping car parks.

Police are seeking a We Tow U spotter after the businessman, 54, claimed he was accosted while taking video at Grand Plaza carpark on March 26.

Footage obtained by The Courier-Mail shows the spotter – who was employed to watch patrons as they left the premises – grabbing the businessman's camera and saying: "I'm going to smash you."

The businessman then alleged the heavily-tattooed spotter crushed his hand and told him: "You better piss off out of here, I'm going to fix you up." "He was extremely agitated, like a terrier on speed," the businessman said.

At the time he was recording an apparent lack of towing signage at the car parking space from which his daughter's car was towed the previous day. The police officer who originally took his complaint allegedly told him: "Maybe he wanted to say hello."

The police officer has since been placed under supervision. Police formally apologised to the businessman last month and reopened the case.

A We Tow U insider said employees had left the company because of disillusionment with allegedly predatory tow-away practices.


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