Sunday, November 14, 2010

Police used confiscated booze to stock social club fridges - claim

BOOZE confiscated from the public has allegedly been used to stock police social club fridges.

In another blow to the integrity of the Queensland Police Service, the crime watchdog has again launched a corruption investigation into police based at a station south of Brisbane.

It is understood the Crime and Misconduct Commission was already monitoring the behaviour of some of the officers at the centre of the new inquiry, and had collected information by phone tapping. Police referred inquiries to the CMC, which refused to comment yesterday.

Only two months ago Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson announced measures to provide greater levels of accountability at the Gold Coast. It was sparked after the CMC launched the covert Operation Tesco, an 18-month investigation into the behaviour of police allegedly taking drugs and accepting free drinks at nightclubs.



exposethem said...

The things you hear about the QLD police are just the tip of the sword.
I can tell you things that will make you very affraid of of them if you live in that state. I have some very interesting stoires from the 1970's to the late 1990's the make the stories on this blog look like kindergarden stuff. I left that state so I would be safe. I pity the poor buggers who have to deal with QLD Police.

Unknown said...

Your stories should be told. I can tell working backwards from here and now. Yes it is intimidating and leaving the state is an option and perhaps prudent. But fear only God. Jon J appears to be doing us and our community a service, objectively, concisely and openly. I believe he has the skill and acumen to crack open this case of worms and rotten apples. Lets get behind him