Saturday, February 18, 2012

Qld. cops to investigate their own toothless watchdog

QUEENSLAND police have been told to investigate the state's corruption body for failing to interview a decorated former homicide detective named in the Dangerous Liaisons report.

Dangerous Liaisons - released in July 2009 by the Crime and Misconduct Commission - detailed various allegations against 25 police officers.

Former homicide detective Darren Hall said the CMC did not interview him during its five-year investigation. No charges were laid against any of the 25 officers.

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee, which oversees the CMC, informed Mr Hall the matter had been referred back to police. "The committee has resolved to ask the police service to investigate your complaints and provide a report on the matters to the committee," a letter addressed to Mr Hall said. "The committee will be in further contact with you once it has received and considered the report from the Queensland Police Service."

Mr Hall said he only wanted justice to be served properly after the report ruined his career. "I suppose hopefully it will mean it will be investigated," he told The Courier-Mail. "And that they will be brought to justice for what they haven't done during those five years - which is interview me and give me a chance to defend myself."

The order for police to investigate the CMC provides another twist to their rocky relationship which was heavily damaged during the investigation into the 2004 death of Mulrunji on Palm Island.

The latest development follows a push from Independent MP Rob Messenger for an inquiry. "This matter casts serious doubt over the integrity of the CMC both past and present," Mr Messenger said. "I have grave doubts that the Queensland police force is up to the task of investigating it and I believe the only solution is for an independent inquiry and I'd hope and demand that (LNP leader) Campbell Newman will support me with my call - and I won't waste my breath with (Anna) Bligh or Labor."

Lawyer Greg Williams, who has supported Mr Hall in his fight, said he believed it was a "world first" for a police force to investigate its own corruption body.

"Even the CMC is not immune to scrutiny - and they shouldn't be," he said. "I believe they have failed miserably by not giving Darren an opportunity to respond to allegations made in their report."



maz said...

What do you expect under Bligh with Atkinson as Top Cop and not backing his men as proven again recently. He should clean up his own backyard before 'head hunting' good blokes. Qld has lost 'real cops' via Operation Capri, funding from Bligh for her Labor Party Hackers to have the bottomless pit of taxpayers funding, to travel, drink, play, lie, invent and perjure to rid us of cops who 'solved crime' in this state. Too bad the corrupt cops are some of Atkinsons closest buddies, guaranteed they have the 'goods' on one another. I can tell you of wrongful raids, allegations, and zero result after 5years of millions of dollars for same zero result. The CMC like the NCA should fold. The 'retiree' preparation of most gaining the funding should be seen as real crime. The CMC or CJC is a better term, should be made up of independent people incl ex judges barristers, social justice, and human rights people. Not ex cops hunting their own. Bligh has to be shown up for her vindictive and dishonest ways as Justice Carter and Justice Fitzgerald showed, via Dangerous Liasions on completion, that the Government were wrong, yet these cops, and me have never received an apology, but hey, that's crooks for you. May the good blokes who left due to this matter, enjoy what is now a 'real life' outside QPS.

Mrs Accountable said...

At least Bligh held a review into internal police misconduct and investigative procedures. 56 findings one was 'that police should not investigate police'. New LNP government are supposed to acknowledge 'there is a problem' but they have done nothing. Hence police still investigate police in the internal investigation. Investigators are untruthful, untested statements, stitch up all the way> nothing can be done in this accountable state.????

Mrs Accountable said...

Well Mr Messenger the LNP had an enquiry. But not into this. Mick Keelty did some white wash that told them what every other police officer already knows (who use their own phone to phone into coms) The CMC still refers the complaint back to the ESC who "finds everything OK" The PCMC does exactly what they did to Darren Hall. It is the most corrupt system one could ever imagine. The LNP have no concern for the corruption that must exist for this to go on. All we now get is government and QPS blowing their own horns telling us how marvellous they are. A dog squad officer was dishonestly investigated. Untested and undocumented evidence to forcefully transfer him. But before anyone was questioned, within an hour he was transferred. Dishonestly investigated. The wife of one of the investigators told another officer at a party "that he would not return to the dog squad, there was more to it" The other investigator told another dog squad officer, "it was a shame, it was bad timing, that the A/C hated the dog squad". The A/C perceived it had cost him the top job, as 18 officers wrote into the dog squad co-ordinator, when the A/C rewarded his friend's son after he threatened to shoot his supervisor and her dog. The Shadow Minister for police (another friend of the officer's father) [Hansard] attacked the officer who had been threatened to be shot under parliamentary privilege. Also phoned the now head of the dog squad. Raised in parliament and reported in the paper again. Accept the 6 trumped up misconduct charges. Sure all reply "he could have raised it in the hearing with the Mate Deputy. Wouldn't one trust the solicitor the union had paid to not have done a deal with the union to do what the CO wanted? The public deserves every bent cop they have when the Commissioner and government have no concern for dishonesty. He was told he could go anywhere he wanted in OSC except the dog squad. He asked for anywhere but coms. Guess where he went? Coms. Because another bully had refused him permission to update his OST, which made him non operational. But, he was operational the first week in coms. Too late transferred for 3 years, hearing the calls from the officers doing the job he loved. The A/C was in too big a hurry to clean his desk out for the top job to do the job with anyone but himself in mind. The Commissioner is only interested in looking great for the LNP government to be returned to power. Too bad about good cops resigning. Easy come easy go. Not the Commissioner's son or Campbell's year 12 graduate facing the drunks on Thursday and Friday night.