Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disgusting Brisbane  police behavior

Email below as received from Janelle Rich

Not that I expect anything but I was present at Hamilton Hotel on Saturday night after races to witness a large number of Qld police officers off duty acting like utter disgraces. One actually threatened a local patron and was asked to leave. Knowing he was a police officer he re entered in full knowledge he is above the law. Normal people get fines or court appearances of which cctv footage would well and truly put to rest. This disgusting thug of an off duty officer was threatening violence knowing he was above the law and committed an offence knowing he is again above the law of which one can only imagine he is used to doing.

What is it with these public servants who think they are above anyone else at any time of day or night because they sometimes wear a uniform. He actually broke a liquor licensing regulation but is unaccountable because he is a police officer and can resist eviction of a licensed premise even if he is a drunken inebriated disgrace for the sole reason he wears a uniform which represents corruption and knows it. Threatening violence after being removed is what [police are supposed to be striving for not promoting like this clown, you can only bet he is a superintendent or high ranking disgrace that knows he is unaccountable!

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