Saturday, January 19, 2013

Qld. man on obstructing police charge claims officers bashed him

Timothy William Barker shows his injuries.

A MOUNTAIN Creek man facing one charge of obstructing police says he was savagely bashed by officers during his arrest.

Lawyer Adrian Hawkes alleged that his client, Timothy William Barker, 28, was assaulted while being arrested on Christmas Day.

"My client has been seriously attacked by the two officers," Mr Hawkes told Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan said there were mechanisms in place to respond to such allegations.

"If your client has a complaint against the police, he should take it to the CMC," she said.

"He already has," Mr Hawkes responded.

Ms Callaghan adjourned the matter to February 11 to enable case-conferencing between both parties, a direction Mr Hawkes opposed.

The events leading to Mr Barker's arrest were not clarified in court yesterday.

Mr Hawkes said he took photos of the injuries when Mr Barker was released from Maroochydore watchhouse.

He said his client unsuccessfully asked police on Boxing Day to drop the obstruction charge.



Unknown said...

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Pharctifino said...

Can you keep us updated on this, please? I'm in the same boat: police beat the living daylights out of me with batons (to the extent of breaking bones), then charged me with obstructing them, when all I was doing was sitting quietly in a park, minding my own business. I'm interested to see how the Townsville case pans out.

Mrs Accountable said...

It is a disgrace and a joke when anyone wanting justice where QPS is involved is told to refer it to the CMC. Everyone knows that due to the devolution policy and rules it is sent straight back to the ESC of police. ESC of police wouldn't have a job the next week if they made a finding against police. Even after a hearing where the investigators lied, failed to check all evidence including phone calls and failed to actually ask questions to establish what each officer said, did not check statements that did not have any evidence to back up their fabricated statements, after the solicitor said "your honour there is the matter of the untruthfulness of the investigators" the Deputy ignored this and found 6 misconduct charges. The Deputy said 'if you are not happy with the findings you can appeal it at QCAT". So almost 3 years later QCAT after refusing the officer his right of being questioned, made the same finding. The QPS solicitor fought against the serving police officer with such venom, it had to be seen to be believed. Ian Leavers always says "I will support a working police officer who makes a mistake" What BS. There was a conflict of interest with the solicitor representing the commissioned officer and the non commissioned officer. When we asked Campbell Newman to look at the irregularities within the system he told us to go to the CMC. He complained about the CMC and his family, but it was ok to palm us off.
Pharctifino, if it is in QLD it will be difficult. Police are a law unto themselves and the government protects the police. If in NSW you have a slight chance. Pretty bad really, police actually get away with murder in Qld as you will have noticed.