Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Battle to get police thug Arndt punished still ongoing

The Police service is protecting him.  It's only a very persistent victim that is giving hope of justice

A POLICE officer who assaulted an elderly homeless man in a mall seven years ago has failed to stop the Crime and Misconduct Commission trying to have him disciplined.

Bruce Rowe was assaulted in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall in 2006 when some police officers pinned him to the ground and Constable Benjamin Arndt kneed him.

Constable Arndt was found guilty of assaulting Mr Rowe and fined $1000, with no conviction recorded, after a private prosecution.

After the CMC referred a complaint from Mr Rowe to the Queensland Police Service, an assistant commissioner decided Constable Arndt needed only "managerial guidance'', and there was no disciplinary action.

The CMC has applied to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for that decision to be reviewed, on the ground that Constable Arndt should have been disciplined for misconduct.

Constable Arndt tried to strike out the CMC application, saying it lacked substance and the tribunal did not have jurisdiction to deal with it.

The tribunal heard when the CMC first investigated Mr Rowe's complaint, it found there had been an illegal assault and referred a report to the QPS for any disciplinary action.

In February, the QPS told the CMC that managerial guidance had been provided to Constable Arndt.

The officer was told no further action would be taken in relation to the complaint and no adverse reference would be put on his personal file, the tribunal heard.

Tribunal member Michelle Howard said the CMC Act allowed the tribunal to review specified decisions made about police officers if the CMC applied.

While Constable Arndt argued there had been no reviewable decision, Ms Howard found there had been a decision in relation to an allegation of misconduct regarding the unlawful assault.

On May 10, she found that it was a reviewable decision that was made within the appropriate time and dismissed Constable Arndt's application.


Unknown said...

Thanks bro for Sharing, Keep it up.Foresight CCTV

Mrs Accountable said...

How could the public expect the officer to be repentant at all when QPS themselves have made a mockery of the CMC and now QCAT? QPS from the start denied the officer had done any wrong, despite CCTV footage. Mr Rowe had to pursue this for years, and it was only due to help from a firm still of the opinion that the Doomadgee case had not been handled properly, that Mr Rowe was successful. Typical of QPS when it suits them, the officer 'has received managerial guidance' but we all saw Ian Leavers at the trial declaring that they would appeal the case. The union has the money to defend the thugs of the QPS, but not when a commissioned officer has targeted an officer as pay back. It's wheels within dirty wheels.

Mrs Accountable said...

Wouldn't one think Arndt would consider he was fortunate with the $1000 fine and just fade into the sunset? After all with the way Leavers has supported him, the mere fine and 'managerial guidance' from QPS which will amount to no more discipline, what does the man want? Does he expect to be told that the 4 or 5 officers kneeing the old man on the ground is normal? How could Leavers or QPS justify his actions?

Mrs Accountable said...

How would Newman feel if the old man had been Lisa's father?