Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disgusting  Police Behaviour‏ towards elderly driver

Email from a member of the public

This incident didn't happen to me but to my elderly parents.

My father is 69 years old. He was driving along with my 65 year old mother. When they came to a red light they stopped and an unmarked police car stopped next to them. When the light changed my dad drove off knowing he had to merge and did so safely in front of the unmarked police car.

The car followed my parents for maybe 30 seconds before turning their lights on and signaling for my father to pull over. There was a male police officer and a female police officer. The male approached my father's car on the drivers side and was extremely abrupt and rude, accusing my father of speeding. My father denied this saying that he most definitely did not speed. The male police officer proceeded to tell my father that he was going 80 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. This was incorrect as the entire road is 80 km/h the whole way.

Again my father denied that he was speeding. My father asked for the male officer to give him his name twice and both times the officer refused.  My mother who was sitting in the passenger seat leant over and assured the officer that my father had not been speeding. The officer replied by telling my mother to shut up and sit back in her seat.

My mother is a petite lady and was quite shaken after being spoken to in such a manner. Again the male police officer was telling my father he had been speeding and indicated that he had "everything he needed" to give my father a ticket. My father, at this point somewhat offended on my mother's behalf asked if this had anything to do with him taking off faster than the police car at the traffic light, to which the male officer became quite irate to the point the female officer, who had stayed by the police car, called out for the male officer to just leave it and to 'let's go'.

After a few threatening words to the effect of the male police officer watching my dad from now on, he finally went back to his police car and they sped off.

As you can imagine when I was told by my mother what had happened I was absolutely disgusted with the way my parents had been treated. This is how the police chooses to conduct themselves? It is no wonder that no one trusts the police to do the right thing anymore. I myself have had bad experiences too where I was belittled and made to feel like I wasn't even a worthy human being for them to treat right.

The QLD Police force has to start looking at who they give the badge to because I think the power goes to some officers' heads and they treat us civilians almost like cattle to be pushed around and intimidated. Something needs to be done!

Via email


Mrs Accountable said...

Agree, and know what you mean. It's the luck of the draw with police, some are good and some stink. But I find it disgusting when this LNP government fails to hold police to account for wrong behaviour. The police minister ignores all correspondence and must just accept what QPS informs him. They could check and ensure all police are accountable for bullying behaviour. The top tier will remove an officer(screw him) to send the rest a message. Is it any wonder that we see bullying in the whole service?

Anonymous said...

In reply to Mrs Accountable: No, it is my experience that the top tier will not remove anyone for misconduct. They won't even acknowledge it and will just leave the bad apples there to continue inflicting their bad behaviour on the public, and eventually they will be promoted. That's how it works in the Queensland Police.

Unknown said...


I probably have more experience than most with regards to the Qld police and how they operate. Some years back i joined the QPS as a recruit after completing a justice diploma. After entering the academy and seeing how they train and brain wash recruits I became disillusioned by the whole culture and organisation. I also had at the time no driving offences or criminal history. I still to this day do not have any criminal history although I do have a couple of minor speeding fines nothing bad at all. I was shocked to see the calibre of some of the recruits at the academy. One particular individual at the time was in his mid forties, had lost his drivers licence in the past, and had multiple driving offences to his name. However because he had not had any offences within the last 5 years prior to appointment and he was classed as mature age he was accepted as a recruit. I know this to be true because at the academy you are allowed to look up your own details on their computer system. He himself could not believe he was offered a place and he showed me his history at the time. It is my belief that they have a high turn over of staff and they accept people which they really should not. This belief is further strengthened by the fact that they have lowered their entry requirements from once needing to complete a 2.5 km run, a bronze medallion, and a keyboard skills typing certificate. It was a real eye opening experience for me to say the least. I agree not all police are bad, But unfortunately there are many that are, I guess that comes with most large organisations. I feel they really need to take a good hard look at their training and recruitment standards. Some of the instructors at the academy I was not particularly impressed with either.

Mrs Accountable said...

Hi Lynn, In comment June 10, when I said "top tier removing an officer" I meant that in some cases when several decide they don't want to work with a certain officer, they are dishonest as they virtually have him face a blown up investigation and they lie so that they can have the officer transferred out of where he is. I had not known of this until I experienced it. The fact that it is accepted by all is staggering to me, in fact criminal.

Mrs Accountable said...

Lynn Murray---you are in fact absolutely correct.
The bad apples are protected by the police union, Ian Leavers.

Leavers has on a number of occasions said very self- righteously, "I will always protect an officer who makes a mistake while working"

An indication of an officer who has been targeted for a forced transfer is that the Police Union, Leavers, does NOT support that officer.
The police solicitor fights with such venom.

The officer is guilty of no more than doing his best, but falling foul of the real bad liars called cops in QPS.

Karma can't come soon enough.

Unknown said...

I am a 62yo single female and never thought I would ever say - or feel - that I have no respect at all for the Police. Recently a girlfriend and I were pulled over by a policeman. We had no idea what for until he said we had not stopped at a nearby T intersection before turning left (into the hands of the police). We were both flabbergasted & stunned - she HAD stopped, changed gears, looked both ways, then turned left. However, the police (there were six police, and 3 cars) absolutely would not listen. We insisted in seeing this on their camera, but they could not show it to us straight away. Only after insisting, were we given a phone number, where we could ring, and then go & view the clip.
My girlfriend DID stop, but it was their word against ours, and they made it quite clear THEY were right, we were wrong. She was getting quite upset, and when handed the fine absolutely collapsed crying. She is an aged pensioner, struggles to get by - and was slapped with a $341 fine. I too nearly passed out! You have to be joking!! Even paying this off in installments will be a huge impost to her, and for absolutely NO reason. The officer who booked here was a very young and new officer, and I am sure the older officers were 'training' him. My girlfriend just happened to be the unfortunate collateral damage. What is the use of taking it to court? - I have seen what goes on there. When I challenged a fine many years ago, the magistrate threatened and intimidated me, by saying the police WOULD win, and that I would have to pay their costs, even threatening that the police could bring in interstate experts!!
Absolutely disgusted at the blatant revenue raising. Stupid thing - if we had NOT stopped, and turned right instead of left, would have got away with it! What annoys me SO much is when we ring the police to complain about hoons in our quiet street, or damage to fences, nothing is done. Some times we can't even get the police to come out. But it's so much easier to sit by the side of the road and pick off people that cannot defend themselves. Why spend your time chasing REAL crooks when there are law abiding citizens ready for the picking?

Unknown said...
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Mrs Accountable said...

Yes Chris, it is a waste of time and money appealing anything. QPS is allowed to name the terms. eg refusing a person being cross examined, or bringing evidence that was not examined before by an independent person. Your hands are tied completely. In QCAT for example the member can request that the charge be downgraded to what it really should be, and the QPS solicitor will refuse immediately. What is the use if the member will not stand against QPS? Then they say it could have been appealed and you could have spoken at the hearing. Absolute lies and untruths. Denied being cross examined, how could you possible have a say??
I think a person on a murder charge has more chance of a fair open and honest hearing.
But fighting QPS is like fighting the Gustapo. The solicitor has to be seen to be believed.

J D Gallagher said...

Let's face it, the type of person who joins the police force has a very low critical intelligence and no individual thought.

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