Monday, May 18, 2015

Queensland police misconduct doubles with allegations over drugs, assault and drink-driving

IS Queensland returning to the days of the Moonlight State?

Police in Queensland have been misbehaving in record numbers, being stood down or suspended over serious allegations of domestic violence, drugs, drink-driving and assault, according to the The Courier-Mail.

One police employee was taken off duty every fortnight for alleged misconduct in the state in 2014-15, with 10 removed in the past six weeks.

A 39-year-old male senior constable was stood down this week ahead of an investigation into accusations related to the use of excessive force, wilful damage of a service vehicle and falsifying training records.

The number removed from a position with the service has almost doubled in the past two years from 14 to 27, The Courier-Mail reported.

Police confirmed 12 officers and staff were stood down and 15 suspended this year over serious allegations including drug use, stealing and assault, but refused to confirm how many were sacked or faced disciplinary action, according to The Courier-Mail

Four members of staff were removed from the service on disciplinary grounds in the past month alone, police reports show.

On April 30, a 36-year-old male constable from Brisbane was charged with drink-driving offences while off duty. The officer had not been stood down from his position.

A day earlier, a 27-year-old female constable was stood down pending a disciplinary investigation into the submission of false and misleading information, and being untruthful to an officer investigating a disciplinary matter.

On April 27, a 40-year-old male senior constable was arrested and charged with a number of offences including possession of unlicensed weapons.

And on April 23, a police liaison officer, aged 27, was dismissed ahead of a disciplinary proceeding relating to an allegation of dangerous driving.

Two officers were stood down in the past year for allegations of domestic violence, including a first-year Brisbane constable in August. Both are subject to investigation.

Brisbane senior constable Nicholas Sheahan was fined $750 after pleading guilty to a range of charges including possession of illicit drugs. He resigned from the force shortly after the drugs were found at his home in June last year.

The officer was once labelled a “hero” after saving a life on the state capital’s Story Bridge

The actions of officers who have faced court are examined by Queensland Police Service’s Ethical Standards Command.


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Unknown said...

Where is the citizenry- {should be well established of course by now}--review committee of all things to do with Policing in every Juristiction in Australia???- except for those critical need to know areas-the hotties?--- Just staff this unit with ex and ret police retired criminal and civil lawyers --from anywhere resident here--plus a few others from the other great real world like ex intell field ops-- etc-retired ASIS officers who havent had to get a liver transplant--etc ---Australia is loaded with them. Leave all left wing nongs and femninists right out of this--for sure--esp academics-- ok bad news-unbeiveable bias and conspiratorial behaviour ad nauseium is their MO.. against US all..- multiple hatred agendas--on a sliding scale to hell there--If yuou do not understand the nature the true nature of international socialist critical theory for starters -- yu probably shoudnt be where you are if you are a male normal-- because the feminist leftist diatribals will be getting rid of you soon --ok..! --?
I was informed about a new process 20 yrs ago CAL- that Boeing approved at Cal State North Unis. where a facilitator totally independent was brought into a smart laptop type random room setup- uncabled-- where each laptop was shown to be totally anonymous and off line from the enemy- Then the questions began with staff and others from a dept or wherever about and concerning the companies hidden and well known issues-(waste hidden waste--criminal behavour in HR etc)- Well the CEO of Boeing told the Dean of Cal Tech North after a season employing this new method of retrieval of truth and more and alot more-- that Boeing couldnt believe how much money they saved in the first year of this new programme-- the estimate was somewhere between 20- and 23 million. JGK BRISBANE ASUTRALIA RET..POL.. There is no way eg that the Big ends of town or QPOL or any dept here would ever never ever touch or go near such a fact find and anecdotal process to elicit truths on past and present issues around the big endz of town ie TBEOT.THEY ARE AFTER ALL THE HIERARCHY-- NEVER TO BE DISTURBED-- NEVER TO BE QUESTIONED- FOR THEY ARE ALWAYS TOTALLY CORRECT-- SOME HOW EVEN WHEN THE FACTS IN TOTAL ARE INDEED CRIMINALLY AND TOTALLY AGIN THEM -- GOOD NIGHT.. JGK..