Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another bent cop on the Gold Coast

A rogue Gold Coast policeman became a 'neighbourhood bully' who stalked and assaulted his elderly neighbours, a court has been told. The now former Coolangatta officer, David Michael Whyte, pleaded not guilty in Southport District Court today to two counts of unlawful stalking and one charge of serious assault.

In his opening address, Crown prosecutor David Finch said Whyte became a 'neighbourhood bully' during a two-year campaign of intimidation and harassment against two neighbours.

Mr Finch said the two men, one of whom is now aged in his 80s, were bullied and abused and their families harassed at a Kirra unit block where they lived opposite Whyte.

Whyte allegedly taunted one neighbour about cancer and told him he wanted to see him 'in a box'. He also allegedly called his neighbours 'parasites', made hand gestures towards them and left his mower running loudly outside their home.

He allegedly arrested one neighbour and later shoved him into a wall.

Whyte is defending himself and has asked to cross-examine one of the Gold Coast's most senior police officers.


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