Monday, August 16, 2010

Police gorilla finally convicted

This should open the way for some very large damages awards against the Qld. police. And what about the other cops who stood by and just watched?

Rogue ex-cop Benjamin Thomas Price has pleaded guilty to bashing three tourists while on duty in the Whitsunday mecca of Airlie Beach. Price today faced Bowen District Court to plead guilty to three counts of assault causing bodily harm and one count of common assault.

The father-of-two, now a tree-cutter, resigned from the police force and today admitted the three separate assaults after female police whistleblower Bree Sonter broke ranks and spoke out about the police brutality she had witnessed at the north Queensland police station.

Two of his violent attacks inside the Airlie police station two years ago were captured on security camera footage in graphic detail. Price told at least one of the victims: "This is my town'' as he meted out his own brand of rough justice.

Shocking footage showed the strongly-built ex-cop punching a bleeding and handcuffed Timothy Steele before jamming a fire hose into his mouth in May 25, 2008. Other police officers watched on and made no move to stop the assault.

In another incident captured on film, petite barmaid Renee Tomms was flung about by the hair and body slammed by the former senior constable as she was being interviewed at the police counter over a drunken dispute.

Investment banker Nicholas Le Fevre, who was on a sea kayaking trip, told how he was repeatedly punched in the face and left dazed and bleeding by Price after disputing his alleged offence of urinating in a public park late at night in 2007.

All three victims are from New South Wales.

Price, who was released on bail, showed no emotion as Judge John Durwood listed his case for sentencing in Townsville District Court on October 8.


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glenisd said...

What intimidation will Const Lee Sonter face now after being so brave?. The rogue members of the force will not desist in intimidating her until they force her out.

I wonder how this policeman treats his wife. Probably how my ex-husband Senior Detective treated me, causing years of mental trauma until he was finally sacked.

Having said that, I am sure the majority of the Force are decent human beings.